Ghost Immobiliser

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What is Ghost Immobiliser?

The Ghost is the world's first aftermarket CAN-Bus immobiliser. It protects your vehicle from being driven away even if the thief has your keys.

The Ghost protects your vehicle from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The only way a thief could take a Ghost protected vehicle is by physically towing it away, even then they will never be able to drive it!

The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost uses the existing buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, centre console, to allow you to make a unique PIN code sequence that must first be entered before you can drive your vehicle.

Supplied, programmed and fitted for £399 with a 2 year device warranty.

How does it work?

Ghost immobiliser is installed at your home or workplace by a specialist technician. Connected to your vehicle’s Can-Bus system, the device immobilises the engine by communicating with the ECU and can only be deactivated by entering a unique PIN code.

Thanks to Ghost immobiliser not using radio frequency signals or key fobs, it’s impossible for it to be bypassed using any kind of theft method. It is undetectable using diagnostics. It also has no LED indicator to give away its location and operates silently using the on-board CAN data network, guaranteeing ultimate security 24/7.

 Access for the owner is very simple and achieved by entering the PIN code into existing buttons on the steering wheel or dashboard. You can change the PIN to a secure number of your choice. Also the device has a Service/Valet Mode meaning that this security code is never compromised, even when the car is undergoing its MOT or being professionally valeted.

Essentially, this is chip and pin for your vehicle, with the option to set a code up to 20 buttoins if desired.

Connecting to your vehicle without using radio frequencies or a key fob, Ghost immobiliser is completely undetectable. To disarm, the owner simply enters their unique PIN code into existing buttons on the steering wheel, dashboard. You can change this PIN and compose a new one up to 20 digits long depending on your preference, plus a secure emergency code is provided in the event of you forgetting the code and needing to reset it.

With Ghost immobiliser, there is no LED indicator, noise or frequency to give away its presence. Instead, the system silently uses the on-board CAN data network to keep your vehicle protected against thieves around the clock.

As for regular vehicle maintenance, the handy Service/Valet Mode allows you to keep your car, van or lorry safe during its MOT or whilst being professionally cleaned.

Our Ghost immobilisers are of the highest quality and are manufactured in a ISO 9001/TS16949 accredited factory and are under warranty for 2 years .

 Quality Product

Ghost Immobiliser is supplied in the UK through our relationship with  Autowatch. The device is manufactured in an ISO 9001 / TS16949 accredited factory. It is fitted by our own engineers and the product is under warranty for 2 years. It is a device that will keep your vehicle protected against theft.

Whether it’s for the family vehicle, a company car or an entire fleet of vans and lorries, Ghost Immobiliser will give you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Service

 This includes free consultation  to assess the suitability of the product for your vehicle. Once verified an appointment will be booked for you at venue of your choice with a specialist engineer. Any additional questions will  be answered to give you complete peace of mind.

We adhere to the industry code of practice FCS1362.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

In the event that you forget your PIN, notify us and we shall provide you with a secure emergency code . This PIN is also unique to you, keeping your vehicle safe.

 The vehicle cannot be driven without entering the PIN code, even if someone is in possession of the key or enters through other means. This makes the Ghost immobiliser device a system for the 21st century.

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